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Retaining an attorney is a very personal decision. It's not just about the lawsuit; it's about the attorney-client relationship.

When you choose Brian Clare and Zach Berry, you can count on receiving the personal, responsive attention you deserve. We are battle-tested trial lawyers who will handle the weight of these legal issues on your behalf.

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The lawyer you choose can mean the difference between providing financial security for you and your family and leaving those you love vulnerable. Just as in other fields, the people who know the quality of our work are our peers. Please take a look at the long list of lawyers who have referred clients to us. 

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As injury lawyers with over 30 years of legal experience, Brian Clare and Zach Berry understand the nuances of these cases and will fight for justice for you and your family. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling our Louisville office at 502-589-6190 or 502-736-4754. You can also reach us online.